Thursday, October 29, 2009

An incessant flash of cameras drown the moment in monotonous regularity. Lines of teen beauties shuffle in anticipation of manufactured dreams

Knuckled hours proclaim the time of waiting too long. They punch at the haunt of air that muffles the chatter of thought.

Antiseptic eyes roll w/her intimate confession. Blond conditioned jasmine scented hair is flipped back over a shoulder

Impossibly blue eyes glance over her blouse & skirt. A tight jaw & fabricated smile are offered. The girls dreams convulse in the brutal truth

Cosmetic shuffles of meaning resonate with the starched white collar of shirts. Mechanized spontaneity elicits laughter from the morning audience

Splintered through with spectral observations he grew gaunt with the presence. Clothed in obscure unities of vocal families, he wandered the woods alone.

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